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World class medical treatment at affordable prices

World class medical treatment at affordable prices

  • Save money - Make significant savings compared to private healthcare
  • Save time - Beat the NHS waiting lists
  • Excellent quality of service and care in clinically clean conditions ?No MRSA
  • We ensure you are treated by the top doctors and specialist surgeons with relevant International experience
  • Effective and seamless after care program.
  • Treat yourself - You can even turn your trip into a holiday!

Take care of your health and experience the beauties of Mediterranean Croatia

Enjoy Health

Are you looking for affordable and top quality medical and health services and also want to enjoy the Mediterranean at the same time?

Whether you choose medical treatment you need, rehabilitation or methods to regenerate your body and soul living a Mediterranean lifestyle, we guarantee you a top quality service and a dream holiday!

We offer best value for money – best quality of treatments and wonderful touristic options for an affordable price!

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Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a completely new form of radiation therapy that destroys cancer cells by preventing them from dividing and growing - the same as with standard X-ray radiation.

Proton therapy uses protons - positively charged atomic particles - instead of the photons used in standard X-ray radiation therapy.

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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment is used in a variety of chronic diseases, anti aging and beauty treatments. For a full list please view the link – Diseases that can be treated by Stem Cell Treatment or contact us by email

Why use The Medical Tourist Company?

  • The company has in-house medical experience that allows customers to go abroad with confidence. For example our CEO is a GP who has sent hundreds of people for medical treatment abroad from the UK, North America, East and West Africa and Australia.
  • We have identified and linked up with the leading hospitals and doctors in a variety of countries such as India, Poland, Croatia, etc. Many of our hospitals have identified us as partners on their websites due to the professional and friendly service we give customers.
  • We have visited and inspected hospitals to ensure that the facilities meet our customers' standards and expectations for medical care.
  • Our experience will give you confidence in sourcing quality and appropriate treatment at an affordable price.
  • A dedicated and experienced team in sending patients abroad for medical operations.

You are in safe hands...

We have helped hundreds of people have treatment abroad, saving them thousands in treatment costs. We only use hospitals experienced in treating international patients with top class doctors so that you are in safe hands. You will have absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment/surgery while we will take care of you all the way.

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